Memphis Mayhem

Brad and I took a little trip to Memphis this weekend.   I had never been and was very excited about checking out some of the sites.

1. Peabody Hotel and Ducks: On Friday morning, we woke up and headed to the Peabody Hotel.  Every day at 11:00, ducks march from the rooftop, travel down the elevator to the lobby, and jump into the fountain where they hang out until 5:00.  At 5:00 they are marched back upstairs to the rooftop.  Check out the video I took of the  ducks:

2.10.13 013 2.10.13 011
Us waiting for the ducks arrival!              Duck master rolling out the red carpet!

2.10.13 015 2.10.13 018
Love this sign                                                Duck faces

2.10.13 020
The Peabody Hotel Marquee

2.10.13 021
View of the Mississippi River from the rooftop

2. Our first BBQ stop at Central BBQ.  Nom, nom, nom!

2.10.13 024

3. Shovels and Rope:  After a few cocktails at the hotel, Brad and I headed out to the Hi-Tone Cafe.  Shovels & Rope is an amazing band that Brad and I saw a few years ago and fell in love with.  Michael Trent and Cary Ann Hearst put on a great show!

2.10.13 025 2.10.13 054

2.10.13 042 2.10.13 066

4. Saturday morning was GRACELAND day!  I was very excited to see the home of Elvis and to learn about his life and of course check out the jumpsuits.

2.10.13 074
Cheesy tourist photo
2.10.13 077
Elvis’ home

2.10.13 079 2.10.13 082
The sitting room                                                                  Elvis’ parents bedroom

2.10.13 083 2.10.13 085
Wallpaper in Elvis’ parents bathroom     The house was slightly crowded

2.10.13 088 2.10.13 090
Pic of Elvis in the house                             Stairs that go upstairs…
No one is allowed up there because rumor has it Elvis still lives up there.

2.10.13 094
The Dining Room

2.10.13 099
The kitchen

2.10.13 103  2.10.13 108
Mirrored stairs leading to basement        Bar in basement

2.10.13 109
2.10.13 113
Billiard room

2.10.13 117
The Jungle Room

2.10.13 121
Path leading from back of house.Elvis walked here!

2.10.13 122  2.10.13 125
Elvis’ father’s office                                                              Pic of Elvis – So handsome!

2.10.13 126 2.10.13 127
Another pic of Elvis                                    Trophy room

2.10.13 132
One of my favorite outfits!
2.10.13 136
Lounge area right before raquet ball courts.
Elvis played the piano to the left the morning of his death

2.10.13 137 2.10.13 139
More awards and lots of jumpsuits!

2.10.13 144 2.10.13 149
Headstone                                                     Pink Cadillac

2.10.13 150
The Lisa Marie
2.10.13 159
The Lisa Marie

5. 2nd BBQ stop at Rendezvous!  Delish and Smokey!

2.10.13 164 2.10.13 162

6. Beale Street: Was a little deserted considering it was 2:00 in the afternoon ,but still provided us with a nice little walk.

2.10.13 165

7.  Saturday night was filled with Roller Derby excitement and 5 overtimes… Geez U of L.

2.10.13 173  2.10.13 175
Cheering on the Magnolia Roller Vixens!

I hope your weekend was as exciting as mine! 🙂


Holiday Recap

The holidays were a whirlwind so below is a recap of what I got into…

1.2.13 002

The Mississippi Community Orchestra had a delightful Christmas performance.  Santa even showed up and conducted a song!

1.2.13 035 1.2.13 038 1.2.13 045

Went to the Mississippi Natural Science Museum where I saw Dinosaurs,

1.2.13 047 1.2.13 051 1.2.13 048

and more dinosaurs,

1.2.13 067 1.2.13 061

frogs, tortoises,

1.2.13 064

and kissing turtles.

1.2.13 053

There was even a two headed snake!

1.2.13 009

Put out cookies and a shot of milk for Santa.

1.2.13 010 1.2.13 015

He came, he came! The pups were so excited… Can’t you tell?

1.2.13 072 1.2.13 071 1.2.13 074

The family arrived and we had a great feast and played games. (Tiff – Unfortunately I don’t have a pic of you enjoying the feast.)

1.2.13 102

Liz and Tiff got me this awesome Garth Brooks tshirt for Christmas!  Man, I make that tshirt look good!

1.2.13 079

We also took a day trip to New Orleans! Hive Five!

1.2.13 080 1.2.13 081

1.2.13 082 1.2.13 086

1.2.13 095 1.2.13 099

We took a cemetery tour,

ate beignets, walked around Jackson Square,

and visited a voodoo museum.

1.2.13 106

After the family left, I rung in the new year with good company, good drinks and good food!

Happy New Year to All!

In no particular order

Just a few things I’ve been up to…
(in no particular order)

Made some tasty eats!

Bruce says Hi!

Visited the Musical Instrument Museum

Banged the Giant Gong!

Loving the visible conservation lab!

I can’t get enough bluegrass music!

She’s a natural.

Hung out with Adrian Wilson from the Arizona Cardinals at the car wash!  We’re like best friends!

Lovin’ my mom!

My lucky charm!

Saw a movie about vampires and wolves!

Fancy Thanksgiving Dinner!

Mom won the last Bingo of the day! Woot, woot!

Decorated a tree for work!

Went to the petting zoo!

I think mine was broke!

Beat Liz!

Got lost in a bamboo maze!

Took cheesy photos!

Dad time!

Hung out with two of my favorite ladies!

Ate some tasty pizza!

Drank some beer!

Held babies! (This was before drinking beer.)

Watched some basketball games!

Cheered Obama to victory!

Played some friendly poker and took everyone’s money!

My name is Daisy…

Last Thursday, I changed out of my work clothes and transformed into Daisy McLaurin Stevens for the program “Present Meets Past” at the Old Capitol Museum.  This program brought some of Mississippi’s historical figures to life and each told their stories to visitors as they wondered around the museum.

Below is an example of my interaction with visitors:

Me: Come in, come in… How are ya?

Visitor: Good

Me: If you’re waiting on Governor McLaurin, he should be here shortly.  He’s been very busy working with the 1897 legislature.  Daddy’s been in politics for most of my life.  Last year when he was appointed governor we lived at the Governor’s mansion.  Have you ever been to the Governor’s Mansion?

Look at me, I’m making history FUN!

Visitor: No

Me:  Well, if you get a chance you should stop by.  It’s a beautiful building.  I helped my mother with her first lady duties and we hosted many distinguished guests, one of which is now my husband, William Forest Stevens.   He’s the fifth circuit court judge, the youngest in Mississippi.  I’m a very lucky girl.   Did you know the person who built the Governor’s Mansion also built this here Capitol building?

Visitor: No

Me: His name is William Nichols and he’s very talented.  Speaking of the Capitol building, that is what my father has been so busy with lately and what is causing him so much anguish as of late.  The government is torn on where to build the new Capitol building.  Some want to tear down this building and rebuild on the same spot.  Others want to build on the site of the old penitiniary.  They just can’t agree.   I hope they can come to agreement soon, for my father’s sake.

My father’s still not here, so is there something I can pass along for you?  Or maybe there’s something I can help you with.

Visitor: No

Me: Well, it was very nice to have  met you.  I’ll tell my father you stopped by.  Have a wonderful evening.

All of the “Present Meets Past” characters

For those of you who know me, this was out of my comfort zone, but I had a great time! This program is a wonderful way for people to learn a little about Mississippi history.



Where has my motivation gone?

I seem to have lost my motivation this past week.  If anyone happens to come across it please return it to me.  I miss it greatly!

Even though my mojo is gone, I still have pushed through and accomplished things at work, attended fun outings and planned some upcoming shenanigans!

1. For those that don’t know, there is a group of us that try to get together every Tuesday and do pub trivia.  We go to a local bar (Hal & Mal’s) that is literally 50 feet away from my office. Although we try very hard to pull our brain power, we always come up short.  There was one time our group came in 3rd and won the bar tab, but unfortunately that was the night I couldn’t make it.  But if any of you are in the Jackson area on a Tuesday night and want to play a little trivia, drink a little beer and hang out in good company let me know.2. Every Wednesday, the Mississippi Department of Archives and History (the place where I work) hosts an event called “History is Lunch”.  History is lunch is a lunch series where educational speakers are brought in to talk about different topics/subjects relevant to Mississippi history.   The most recent one I attended featured Henry T. Gallagher, a second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army, who was the officer in charge of  James Meredith’s security detail during the Ole Miss riot in 1962.   For those that don’t know, James Meredith was the first black student admitted to the segregated University of Mississippi.  “On May 31, 1961, the NAACP filed suit in the U.S. District Court, alleging that the university had rejected Meredith only because of the color of his skin, as he had a highly successful record. The case went through many hearings and finally to the U.S. Supreme Court, which ruled that Meredith had the right to be admitted to the state school. Though Meredith was legally entitled to register, the Governor of Mississippi, Ross Barnett, tried to block him by having the Legislature pass a law that “prohibited any person who was convicted of a state crime from admission to a state school.” The law was directed at Meredith, who had been convicted of “false voter registration.” Since passage of its 1890 constitution, the state had voter registration rules that effectively disenfranchised black voters.” (Wikipedia – James Meredith)

Henry T. Gallagher was by far, one of the best speakers I’ve heard.  I’ve got his book on my list to read and so should you!  I’ve also attended a talk on correspondence to and from Eudora Welty and another one on the Old Miss riot.   I think this program is a brilliant idea and I look forward to attending many more.

3. I registered to vote! And in doing so, I had to get another Rankin County, registered voter to witness the signing of my registration forms.  Weird, I know. Thanks Mike!

4. Went to the Town Creek Arts Festival at the Art Museum and picked up a few gems:

Block Print

Painting by Jennifer of VSA (State Organization on Arts & Disability)

Card by Sharon of VSA (State Organization on Arts & Disability)

The vendors                                                              Honey the screech owl from the Zoo

5. The state fair is in town so I had to partake in the food and festivities.   I ate an Italian sausage, cinnamon roll and a steak kabob, all of which were delicious and not all eaten on the same day.  There were two unusual things about the Mississippi State fair.  1) There are old carnie attractions such as Spider woman, Serpent woman, world’s tiniest woman, and even a Mermaid. ( Where was the spider man, serpent man, world’s tiniest man or merman?) For $1 I got to see the Mermaid up close… well sort of.  I lifted up a black tarp to find a man dressed up in a mermaid costume with long curly blonde hair waving at me.  For $1 it was worth it!  2) There is a free petting zoo with delightful creatures ranging from llamas to yaks, but my favorite creature by far was the Scottish Highland Cattle!  Anytime you would go to feed him, he would open his mouth, stick out his tongue and you would then insert food! I want one!

6. I was able to sit in on the exhibit design meetings for the new Mississippi Civil Rights Museum.  It’s was interesting to hear about the content that will be included, objects needed to help add context, and proposed interactives to make the experience more meaningful.  I’m really honored to be apart of this development and can’t wait to see the finished product in 2017!  You can check out the progress of this museum and the Museum of Mississippi History at

Sketch of outside design of Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

7. Miscellaneous:

– With the holidays approaching I am already working on making travel arrangements.  Last night I booked my flight to Arizona for Thanksgiving!  Wahoo!

– Made Pad Thai!

– Got some farm fresh eggs and made some delicious omelets! Grocery store egg vs. Farm fresh egg

– Took Bruce and Lucy on a run… We made it a 1/2 mile!  And then they slept!

– Saw a really good brass band called “Southern Komfort” perform.

Thanks for tuning in!  That’s it until next time!

What I’ve Been Up To…

I’ve done it yet again… I’ve neglected my blog!  I’m pretty sure my mother and Aunt Laura are the only ones who read this, but I appreciate their interest! I love you!

Anywho… below is a rundown of what I have been up to…

1. It’s official… I got my diplomma!  After 2 years of classes, internships and jobs (aka: blood, sweat and tears) I have this to show for it.  And it’s totally worth it!


2. Anne and I have been making banana bread like it’s going out of style.  It’s so delicious, but it’s not helping with losing weight!  The recipe we use comes from a cookbook Anne has.  This cookbook seems to have found a permanent home on our countertop.
3 ripe bananas
1 egg
2 T. oil
1/2 cup of sugar
1/4 cup of milk
1 tsp of baking powder
1 tsp of baking soda
1 1/2 cups of flour

Preheat over to 350.  Mash bananas.  Mix in egg, oil, sugar and milk.  Add flour, baking powder and baking soda into batter.  Pour into greased and floured pan.  Bake for 45 minutes.


3. I got a new office mate.  And yes, it’s still alive! Wahoo!

4. Went to the art museum for “Screen on the Green”.  Watched a John Wayne movie called “The Quiet Man”.  It was an interesting movie to say the least.  I was expecting guns and horses, but was sadly disappointed.  I probably won’t be watching it again!

5. Went to Irish Fest where I listened to some good music, drank some Irish beer and learned some Irish dances!

6. Gave the pups a bath.  Both Lucy and Bruce are very good at getting baths.  I secretly think they like baths!  What do you think?

7. Worked with my main horse Rowdy and we helped a couple of kiddos enjoy a lovely morning of therapy.  I also got to meet the newest addition to the farm, Little Bits.  Little Bits is a minature horse that although isn’t ready to help with therapy rides, still puts a smile on everyone’s faces!

8. Gave blood and got some tasty treats!

9. At work, Sarah (the other new collections manager) and I have been busy dusting all of the portraits at the Old Capitol Museum.


10. Bought a new book which I hope will help me come up with a plan to pay off my student loans, credit cards, etc.   Please Suze Orman, make me financially fabulous! (Check out how hip Suze looks! Is that a popped collar I see?)

11. Went to the Asian Grocery with the roomie. She got fixings for sushi and I got fixings for pad thai.   I plan to make some pad thai either next week or the week after.  Nom, nom, nom!


12. I’m part of an all girls Fantasy Football league with some friends from Indianapolis.  Like this blog, I haven’t been very good at keeping up with my team.

13. I’m addicted to the BBC’s “Sherlock”.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to get on it! I spent this past weekend watching Season 2.  It’s sad that each season is only 3 episodes, but each episode is 1 1/2 hours long.  You almost got me good Sherlock…Almost!


14.  The Chutey’s say Hi!  Check out the snuggle train!


I hope you enjoyed the picture show!


Intentional Kindess – Pass It Along

Awkard Photo of Cass and I – Check!

I was reading my friend Cass’ blog today ( and am taking her suggestion and making September The Month of Intentional Kindness.  I find myself so wrapped up in my own life and worried about my own problems that I forget that there are other people around me – Other people with their own problems, most of which are greater than mine.   I’m hoping these acts of kindness will bring a little relief and/or a little joy to those around me.

As part of her blog post, Cass attached a list of things to do:

Join me, as I help make September a better month!  Stay tuned for posts documenting these acts of kindness!

Allergies and Baseball

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but as I have been acclimating  myself to this new southern climate,  I have developed some severe allergies.   Before getting sick, I attended a baseball game for the AA team for the Atlanta Braves.   The Braves hold a special place in my heart so being able to support their AA affiliate was a perk when moving down here.  They are the Mississippi Braves and I’m not quite sure what their mascot is.  After much debate, it was decided that it was probably a hedgehog, but we could be wrong.  You be the judge.


The gang

Lucky for us, the night we went was Motorcycle Night (vroom, vroom) and Thirsty Thursday ($1 beer).

This is Trusty, the mascot!  What is it?

I think there are fries underneath all of that cheese and ketchup.

I love baseball!

Now, that I am on the mend I hope to get back to posting more adventures from Jackson!  So stay tuned!

Poker Run – August

I did my first official Poker Run yesterday!  For those that didn’t read the previous blog post.  The Poker Run is a 3 mile run/walk and during those 3 miles (at the .5, 1, 1.5, 2, and 2.5 mile markers) you collect 5 cards.  Whoever has the best and worst hand at the end of the run wins.  It was super-hot out and the course was moderately hilly.  The heat I can handle, but hills are a different story.    I hate hills!


Me before the run with my awesome 80’s sunglasses!  I got photo bombed!


There was quite a big crowd, but I guess when the run is free and there are prizes involved you can’t pass it up!


One of the dreaded hills!

After the race with my losing hand!  Still happy I finished and I wasn’t last!

Fleet Feet does a Poker Run every month and guess who’s going to be there with bells on?  This girl!

I’m a fatty

Enough excuses… I am feeling gross and it’s all because of my lack of exercise.  Well, it all stopped today.   After work I went on my first real run in a very long time.  Fortunately there is a running trail right across the street from my apartment complex.  This trail, which measures ½ mile, is basically a loop that goes around a small lake.  In preparation for my run I put on my fancy new running shoes (Thanks mom and dad) and my running headphones (Earbuds always fall out and they hurt my tiny ear holes).

So shiny and white!

My ears love these headphones!

The loop is approximately a quarter mile from my door so it’s a perfect warm up walk.  My goal for today was to go around the loop 4 times = 2 miles.  Since I haven’t run in a while, I thought I would alternate running and walking.  Once I got to the loop, I turned on my music and took off!    I ran for a song, walked for a song, ran for song, walked for song, etc, etc.   Occasionally I would stop and take a picture of the animals that were hanging out around the lake.

The lake

These guys followed me.  I think they thought I was going to feed them.   Later I saw someone giving them bread.


Momma duck with her fuzzy babies

Below is the list of songs I exercised to.   I’m looking for some new songs so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Red Hot Chili Peppers: Can’t Stop
  2. Britney Spears: Circus
  3. The Darkness: I Believe in a Thing Called Love
  4. Old Crow Medicine Show: Alabama High-Test
  5. Dropkick Murphys: I’m Shipping Up to Boston
  6. Cee Lo Green: Fuck You
  7. Florence and the Machine: Dog Days Are Over
  8. Muse: Supermassive Black Hole

Sweaty Success

I plan on making this after work run a regular occurrence.   I’m also going to start doing some fun runs through the local Fleet Feet.  The first run is this Wednesday and it’s a Poker Run.  The poker run is a 3 mile walk/run. Runners pick up five cards along the way and the best hand wins a prize.  I love poker and I love prizes!